How were these recommendations developed?

STANDING Together is based on a multi-step process that incorporates the views of diverse stakeholders (including patients and public representatives), a systematic review of existing health data standards, and a modified Delphi study. 

The STANDING Together recommendations aim to be widely applicable and meet the needs of as many users as possible. Our green paper and this website openly reports the findings so far, and provides an opportunity for them to be ‘sense-checked’ and to be refined in the light of further feedback. 

Who are these recommendations for, and how should they be used?

The STANDING Together recommendations aim to reduce bias and exacerbation of health inequalities caused by healthcare AI applications, by providing recommendations that can support dataset documentation and dataset usage. To achieve this, our recommendations are split into two parts:

Each part can be used as a standalone tool, or they may be used together. Evaluators and regulators of AI and digital health technologies may find value in both parts of the recommendations. 

* Please refer to Healthsheet and other similar artefacts for more detailed guidance about the structure and content of dataset documentation.

Read about our recommendations:

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