Draft Recommendations

Please note - the final STANDING Together recommendations are now available 

These are the draft recommendations created for the STANDING Togehter public consultation. They are now superceded by the final recommendations available at: http://www.datadiversity.org/recommendations

We need healthcare datasets to represent the diversity of people for artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare technologies to benefit all.

STANDING Together aims to ensure that inclusivity and diversity are considered when developing health datasets.

We have built recommendations, through an international consensus process, which provide guidance on transparency around 'who' is represented in the data, 'how' people are represented, and how data is used when developing AI technologies for healthcare.

By getting the data foundation right, STANDING Together ensures that 'no-one is left behind' as we seek to unlock the benefits of AI in healthcare.

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STANDING Together is building STANdards for data Diversity, INclusivity, & Generalisablity. Established in 2021 as part of the NHS AI Lab’s AI Ethics initiative, it is a partnership between over 30 academic, regulatory, policy, industry, and charitable organisations worldwide. STANDING Together is funded by the NHS AI Lab at the NHS Transformation Directorate and The Health Foundation and managed by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (AI_HI200014).