Respond to the consultation

How to respond to this consultation

All feedback from this consultation will be taken into account and considered as part of the STANDING Together consensus meeting in June 2023. The final recommendations will be published in late 2023.

This public consultation is open from Wednesday 19th April 2023 to Friday 26th May 2023. 

All feedback is welcome. You may wish to provide specific feedback relating to individual items or more general comments about the standards as a whole or both. All feedback will be taken into account when creating the final recommendations, and will help ensure they work for as many contexts as possible.

The consultation is conducted via an online survey. If you'd rather submit responses by uploading a file, you can do so via the survey itself.

You can click here (or the button at the bottom of this page), or visit the following link to complete the consultation: 

How we will use the data you submit

All data you submit to us will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act (2018). We are not asking for any identifiable information about you. Data will be used internally by the STANDING Together working group. Data will only be shared beyond this in aggregated form, for example as part of scientific publication to support transparency. For further details about the University of Birmingham’s data protection policy, please visit the following link:  


There is an option at the end of the survey to register your contact information to receive project updates, including details of any future reports or publications. You do not need to provide these details if you don’t want to - you can still respond to the consultation. If you choose to submit your details, we will collect and store them separately to your consultation response (to preserve the anonymity of your responses). We will not share your details with any third parties, and will use them only to keep you updated about our work.